Human – nature interfaces; a learning journey

This is a re-blog of an earlier post. Why? because the ideas within in it have developed significantly in my mind and taken on a different tangent since I first posted it.

HumaNature Connect

This blog post is a rewrite of an older post from late last year, why? because I realised that the ideas within in it have grown and grown in my mind ever since.  It is also an illustration of how meaning making occurs over time, it is experiential learning in action. So hear goes…..

Have you ever had that experience of bumping into somebody repeatedly to the point where you think… ” I’m supposed to know this person!? Or have you ever had that similar experience where someone tells you something and you think…” I know absolutely nothing about that but why does it keep coming up?” Then a couple of days, maybe a couple of weeks., years go by and it comes up again and again…….Well, this is a story of that experience.

‘Pam’, mentioned some time ago, maybe a year, maybe more that she was interested in the…

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