What we do

Learning and Development

IMG_3578Green teams and environmental sustainability professionals.

Reconnect teams with their vision, purpose and reason for pursuing environmental sustainability;  find common ground.

Nature and outdoor educators; Park rangers

More than recreation and education, how can you strengthen the physical, mental and emotional/spiritual connection to nature? How can we encourage a sense of stewardship?

design thinkingSustainability leaders in schools and community organisations

Dig deep – identify passions and projects.

 Garden Designers and permaculture practitioners

Think creatively and empathise to produce more purposeful designs.

Understand and define: Reflect, inquire and listen. Awaken creativity and passion: Reflect to create meaningful and purposeful ways of being and doing


Policy and practice

DSCF3564Wellbeing and social justice organisations

Understand the links between nature and wellbeing; find creative ways to integrate nature contact across the organisation.

Identify: Explore needs, gaps and priorities


Wellbeing through mindful nature experiences 

IMG_3204Community mental health participants

Lower stress, increase self concept and link people to parks. Explore nature with mindfulness and creativity.

Experience: Explore and create


Action research

Professionals: The Inside-Out Project     INSIDE OUT workshop 1 copy

How are organisations talking  wholistically about wellbeing as  part of their environmental sustainability initiatives?

Inquire:  Collaborate,  share learning and create shared opportunity



IMG_2989With 16 years experience designing and facilitating experiences in natural environments (bush, garden and ocean) and developing leadership qualities in people and communities; I am qualified and able to help you design meaningful and safe nature experiences, sustainability leadership programs or community development strategies to engage your community in nature focussed initiatives. I am also able to give you the tools and support to embed nature contact into a whole of organisation approach to health, wellbeing and environmental care.

Design and advice: Work strategically for a purpose  

CSL workshop