Strategic planning | Community action | Professional development | Wellbeing workshops

Strategy to Action

Supporting organisations and government (local and state) to develop strategic plans and related action and evaluation plans that relate to public health and wellbeing,  environmental sustainability and resilience.

Professional Development and Guest Speaking

Simplifying the evidence of nature and wellbeing and its application in practical contexts e.g. community projects, mental health and wellbeing initiatives, education programs, strategic plans and workplaces.

 Community-Led Change and Sustainability Leadership

Sparking motivation and creative ideas for health and environmental action through workshops that connect participants to values, passion and experience  

Participatory evaluation, community engagement, systems mapping

Mindful and Therapeutic Nature Experience

Facilitating relaxing and rejuvenating  outdoor and indoor nature experiences in professional, community and personal contexts. Expertise in working with people experiencing mental health challenges in therapeutic contexts.

Student workshops (Tertiary, Secondary, Primary)

Facilitated education and leadership development programs.

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Some good reasons to work with HumaNature Connect

Expertise backed by professional qualifications and experience: The work is backed by seventeen years professional experience and qualifications.

Meaningful impact is at the heart of the work: Tailored services and logic planning to align outcomes and actions

Who is HumaNature Connect ?

workshop city of banyle 6


“…Erica undertook significant preparation in the lead up to the event – taking on board all our requirements to deliver an extremely well thought out plan and facilitation for the night. Feedback from the event was very positive, with the participatory process encouraging a renewed sense of enthusiasm and energy for environmental action. Sian Gleeson,  Banyule City Council, June 2017

“So well researched & left me thinking about the content for many days & I referred back to this PD in conversations.” Teacher 2017

“Erica certainly changed participants perception of what  environmental sustainability could be.. ” Tania Karamitos Program Co-ordinator Victorian Schools Garden Awards, 2016

” I thought Erica’s presentation was amazing, participants were hanging on off every word. Gwen Michener,  Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, 2016

I enjoyed …

  • “The evidence was really useful, that’s what my manager will need to hear so I can get this work over the line”
  • “The chance to connect with a personal experience and make it practical to my work now”
  • “Hearing the views of other people, it was very informative “
  • “The opportunity to be hands on and creative”
  • “I am very excited to implement this new knowledge
  • “Was interesting to use  nature experience as a way to connect with landscape design and future clients as well as making interesting connections to permaculture” (A selection of Participant reflections) 


Workshop City of Banyule 4 2017

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“By inquiring about the human-nature relationship as individuals, communities and organisations we come to ‘know’ that we intrinsically belong to this one ecological system. This wisdom can lead us to act in caring ways that support our collective wellbeing and ensure a thriving future.   See nature – see self in nature – see nature in wellbeing and environmental sustainability”