We can offer stand alone sessions or present a topic/experience as an integrated part of something you are running.

Professional Development 

Education and Training and Guest Speaking

Topic examples

  • The facts! How does nature impact on health and wellbeing?
  • How do I design and facilitate meaningful and safe nature experience?
  • Facilitating awe, connection and stewardship- What is nature connection and how can I help others experience it?
  • How do I design a garden space that people (or I ) will love and connect with?

Who is this for?

Great for anyone interested in increasing their knowledge and skills relating to nature and wellbeing in their work or personal ways of being including:

Nature and outdoor educators, park rangers, garden designers,

Individuals designing their own garden or just indulging their curiosity


HumaNature Connect specialises in experiential learning process and hence you can expect a highly engaging, possibly hands on, certainly interactive presentation or workshop depending on your needs.



Environmental Community Development

Creative co-design, community engagement and personal visioning workshops

Topic examples

  • Work with human-centred design processes to engage communities in design projects, stewardship of parks,  interpretation trails and more
  • Explore and broaden the definition of environmental sustainability and develop shared purpose and intent.  Explore needs and gaps. Unleash creativity and narrow down group or personal projects of passion.
  • Look back – Reflect on achievements
  • Help, Im not creative! Develop new ideas  for garden, nature-based and other sustainability projects.   

Who is this for?

Green teams and environmental sustainability professionals, Program Mangers, CEO’s, landscape architects

Sustainability leadership groups, community groups, organisations, garden design students


One off or multi-session workshops

workshop city of banyle 5 2017

Organisational Development

Support and mentoring for a whole of organisation approach 

Topic examples

  • Support the integration of nature contact into policy and practice. Where could nature fit in your organisation? Explore your organisations values and principles, identify needs and gaps, priorities and vision.

Who is this for?

CEO’s, Program Managers, whole teams and organisation champions 


Mix of workshops and mentoring

Workshop City of Banyule 4 2017

Mindful and Creative Nature Experience

Facilitated creative, outdoor experiences

Facilitated indoor nature experiences:  experientially connect audiences to the topic

Topic examples

  • Ground your discussions by connecting with the topic -A mindful nature experience can be a great way to introduce and frame a workshop you are running.
  • Explore a place through nature-based activities or reflect on experiences in nature using found objects to create a  renewed sense of wellbeing and inspire creative thinking.

Who is this for?

Teams, general public community mental health, art projects


Activities out in nature or  inside.

Consulting, Facilitation and Guest Speaking 

  • Design of workshops
  • Facilitation
  • Mentoring and support
  • Guest speaking

Who is this for?

Organisations and groups

With 16 years experience designing and facilitating experiences in natural environments (bush, garden and ocean) and developing leadership qualities in people and communities; I am qualified and able to help you design meaningful and safe nature experiences, sustainability leadership programs or community development strategies to engage your community in nature focussed initiatives. I am also able to give you the tools and support to embed nature contact into a whole of organisation approach to health, wellbeing and environmental care.

me speaking at hume CrREW launch

Student workshops (Tertiary, Secondary, Primary)

Facilitated education, leadership development or nature play workshops

Topic examples

  • Environmental sustainability, leadership, wellbeing
  • Nature play activities

Who is this for?

Tertiary, secondary or primary students


Activities out in nature or inside.

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