Creatively Connecting to Nature Network

If you work in the ‘helping, education or caring’ professions then you probably introduce a lot of joy and good energy into other people’s lives. How often do you do this for yourself? If you are like me then probably not often enough. On an airplane before take-off they tell us that .. “in the event of a loss in cabin pressure a mask will drop down….put it on yourself before helping children and others”, or something to that effect. This is sound advice, don’t you think?

The Creatively Connecting to Nature Network gives you the opportunity to do something that nourishes yourself. It will allow you to benefit from the creative and nature-connecting goodness that you facilitate for others! Lets face it, it’s probably part of the reason why you do the work that you do. There is however a distinct difference between being on the delivery vs the receiving end; This is a space for sharing, exploring, relaxing and being.



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