Creativity and social change go hand in hand

To create social change in the world we must understand who we are as individuals,  what we stand for and consider what we are going to create through our own actions and ways of being. I picture this process of meeting ourselves to be like a set of lungs in that we breathe in, there is a tiny pause before you breathe out again. The air that comes out is a different composition than the air that went in, it has fundamentally changed.  Otto Scharmer describes this process of transformational change as Theory U, looking in ward at one self down one side of the metaphorical U before pausing and then acting out in new ways as you come up the other side.

Creating change as the words suggest is a personal but also a creative pursuit!

In our society people think they are uncreative if they can’t play piano like Mozart or paint like Michelangelo.  We dont often associate creativity with how we explore and experience the world.  For me it is not enough to just imagine different ideas I find an urge to live them and then upon reflection I try make sense of what I have done intellectually. Its through these actions – through everyone’s actions that society and culture is created. We are responsible for the world we create – for better or worst.

I suggest then that the key to social change is to live a creative life and to live a creative life means to just be your self. Its harder than it sounds, it means letting go of  judgement, fear and ideas about what is worthy to do and then having the courage to live in a more expressive, inquisitive and authentic way. It is worth the effort,  in fact is there any thing more worthy to do than this?

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1 Response to Creativity and social change go hand in hand

  1. Emma says:

    ‘just be your self – let go’, I should tattoo it on my forehead so I am reminded everyday of what I should be doing. Perhaps it is just too scary.

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