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Exploring Connections to Nature through Aboriginal Art – a book review

 “An opening twelve love stories about art.” Authored by Stephanie Radok 2012; Published by Wakefield Press 2012 Kent Town, South Australia. ISBN 978 1 74305 041 5 (pbk.) “Maybe some of us are made quite simply from the earth of … Continue reading

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Connecting to land through collaborative ephemeral art, story and song

I had the pleasure today of attending a workshop hosted by Victorian Child and Nature Connection at the Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG) in Melbourne with the likes of three inspirational Aboriginal artists: William Barton, one of Australia’s leading didgeridoo players, … Continue reading

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2012 -2013: Roots take hold, the first blooms appear and a sense of anticipation preceeds the first crop of fruit!

In 2009 a seed of an idea planted in my mind and sprouted a few roots. In 2012, the conditions changed, the environment was right and these roots finally took hold. The first bold, brave shoot went up,  the first … Continue reading

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What do you think; Is connecting to nature important or just hippy talk ?

We are familiar with the idea that people are spending less and less time in nature but more alarmingly to me is  the lack of conscious awareness about the link between spending time in nature and sustainability. In Australia, there … Continue reading

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Human – nature interfaces; a learning journey

This blog post is a rewrite of an older post from late last year, why? because I realised that the ideas within in it have grown and grown in my mind ever since.  It is also an illustration of how … Continue reading

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The language of my soul!

I will let this experience speak for itself !

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Creatively Connecting to Nature Network

If you work in the ‘helping, education or caring’ professions then you probably introduce a lot of joy and good energy into other people’s lives. How often do you do this for yourself? If you are like me then probably not … Continue reading

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New beginnings

Welcome to the HumaNature Connect blog. I’m excited about launching this new venture and unleashing my passion for all things nature based and creative! I also look forward to sharing inspiring stories ‘from the field’ about the way that creativity … Continue reading

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